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bk-2C-B Pellets
bk-2C-B Pellets are perfect for laboratory research. Rather than spend time and effort weighing o..
bk-2C-B Powder
The latest, most anticipated and one of the most astonishing research chemicals on the market is&..
Diphenidine Big Crystal
Diphenidine powder has been so popular that we have now sourced an even more aappealing alternati..
Diphenidine Powder
Similar to lefetamine and also MT-45 Diphenidine is a new compound on the research chemical marke..
Methoxphenidine / MXP
Methoxphenidine is brand new to the research chemical market. Similar in lab tests to Methoxetami..
MPA / NM2AI Combo Pack
The MPA / NM2AI Combo Pack contains 1 x 1g Methiopropamine (MPA) and 1 x 1g NM2AI. When..
MTTA / MEOP 1:1 Mix
This combination of Methtetramine (MTTA) and Methoxypiperamide (MEOP) has been made available to ..
Nitracaine Big Crystal
The popularity of Nitracaine has always been high and in response to demand Nitracaine Big Crysta..
Nitracaine Powder
Nitracaine Powder is a popular alternative to Nitracaine Crystals Each batch of Niracaine powder ..
NM2AI (N methyl 2 AI) is a new chemical that has been introdiced to the UK market as a suita..