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NM2AI (N methyl 2 AI) is a new chemical that has been introdiced to the UK market as a suitable replacment for the much lved and long established MDAI.

MDAI had a hard time getting known as there were many impure synths around in the early days, but when the Indians made the sparkley crystally product that all change and it made a new 'standard' that the shinese simply could not match.

As the Indians are no longer making this product we doubt that any MDAI will be suitable for sale. But this isnt all bad news. NM2AI has been receiving some great press and its actually great value too as only 50-60mg is needed per lab test.

NM2AI is available to buy from 1g upwards and you buy buy NM2AI now at very low prices.

NM2AI aka NMAI is avaiulable to purchase strictly for laboratory research only and is not for human consumption!

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